#DriveDigitalSuccess - Exciting stories about Formula 1

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Welcome to drivedigitalsuccess - Your behind the scenes podcast about Formula 1 and the technology driving it. Presented by Chris Medland and Mandy Carter. Powered by IONOS - First-class cloud and IT infrastructure.

Show transcript

00:00:00: Drive digital success puts you in Pole Position.  Get in the cockpit with 

00:00:06: presenters Chris Medland and Mandy Carter as they take you behind the scenes of the Haas 

00:00:16: F1 racing team. Come along to the factory of a racing team

00:00:22: and learn how digitalization is making F1 even faster and be there when the engineers develop a new car.

00:00:32: And best of all,

00:00:33: the podcast #DriveDigitalSuccess will provide you with exciting stories about Formula One even in the off season. Season one starts on the 10th of December wherever podcasts are available.

00:00:44: Music. Powered by IONOS.

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