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One of the most important tools in F1 development is the simulator. Gathering and analyzing data is a crucial step in developing and improving an F1 car. These days, data is not only gathered on the track, but also in virtual environments. This is where the simulator into play.

In this episode, we speak with none other than Mick Schumacherabout working with the simulator..


  1. The main function of a simulator

  2. Combining virtual and historical data

  3. How realistic the simulator is

  4. The role of IONOSCloud in data processing

🏎️ #drivedigitalsuccess Take a technical glimpse behind the scenes of modern F1 racing to understand how technology is accelerating motorsport! How is racing connected to Cloud? What technology drives a modern race car? How can sustainability and racing go together? We talk with experts from the Haas F1 team as well as industry experts to answer questions you don’t even know you have yet.


🎙️Guest: Mick Schumacher – F1 driver

🎙️Host: Chris Medland — Formula One Expert and Presenter

🎙️Host: Mandy Carter — Cloud Expert & Head of Marketing Ionos UK


00:00 | Intro

03:13 | Is the simulator drivable for a normal person?

11:44 | The main functions of the simulator

14:03 | Simulator vs historical data

22:37 | How realistic is the simulator compared to the real car?

29:15 | Can you practice difficult conditions in the simulator?

30:43 | Getting used to the 2022 car: Will the simulator help?

32:49 | Mick’s prospects for next year’s season


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00:00:00: Welcome to drive digital success.

00:00:08: You're behind the scenes podcast about Formula 1 and the technology driving is presented by Chris medland and Mandy Carter Howard bionis.

00:00:18: Class.

00:00:19: Music.

00:00:26: Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of the Arnos Drive digital success podcast with me Chris medland

00:00:32: and today I guess there's and then you may well have heard before we chat with Haas F1 driver Mick Schumacher about driving something other than an actual F1 car mix thank you very much for joining us and giving up your time will come out one of the tools that

00:00:46: really important to use a Formula One driver in terms of the simulator

00:00:50: for anyone who's an F1 fan or maybe not enough on finding might not know exactly what we mean by simulator it can you describe it as when you look at it isn't it's a bit more than just a gaming chair at home

00:00:59: yeah it definitely is a bit more complex and I think I might win the people actually know so yeah I know there's a lot.

00:01:06: Time love development put into those things to make it as accurate as possible and obviously we have drivers.

00:01:12: Still feel the difference and I think that some people that are actually not driving themselves they will not feel a difference.

00:01:18: Just because obviously we're so perfection eyes on on that real thing that was we still don't feel too comfortable but I

00:01:25: over the last few years at least the last 4 years that I've been driving a really sore big development and I think

00:01:31: there's more to come what's the big difference again for a fans perspective ready between playing racing game on their computer with their own steering wheel and an actual simulator like how far apart are they.

00:01:42: They're quite far apart I think they have also very different purposes of the sea and your gaming chairs maybe just as it says a game to have fun enjoy.

00:01:50: Any race a bit against other people and simulator is a working tool retrying learn something from it and obviously sometimes really use it for preparing that fp10p.

00:02:02: Another at the same time that the real car is driving on track we'll have the simulator driving back in the factory with the villager driver.

00:02:09: Suggest correlating in China help the real team then or like the team on track

00:02:15: help them make the right decisions and in that way just you not improved the whole scenario and timeframe gaming chair couple of times there but for simulator you're sat in pretty much like the chassis on ewarton action.

00:02:29: Proper looks like part of a couple of a car that you sit in so it is half a chassis and usually it's a real chat.

00:02:36: Obviously to make it as accurate as possible as a carmencita no WC most of.

00:02:41: Drivers will have to fit in it so they try and put the same one or the biggest one in there and then just fill with some padding with the positions pretty much accurate in terms of also pedals.

00:02:51: Steering is identical obviously the only thing now is is that you don't have the feeling that your action on track so you still.

00:02:58: No that you sitting in simulator and you know then whenever I try to push into a corner harder and just spin-off I won't have an affair.

00:03:05: What's that something in real life where you will build it up whilst in the simulator to go out and spend 20 times and nobody will

00:03:13: yeah I mean I'm a gamer got into one they'd probably be doing a lot spelling but how hard you think that a normal person would find it just to get into a simulator cos I'm watching a film Braveheart rhino simulator than they were the real car is not this.

00:03:26: You're of hurting themselves you know they just going to December.

00:03:31: They know their it'll be fine and obviously still have to be careful because it is machinery then I think end of up to 1.5 diesel something so

00:03:40: there is horses in there which you will feel and which you will notice in a lot of people actually get sick if they don't know I think that people in my age now though.

00:03:50: Most likely be ok with them because they have been playing your games and stuff.

00:03:55: Where obviously the reaction time of what we do is always a bit behind so your brain can really adapt to that a bit quicker was all the drivers.

00:04:04: Struggled

00:04:06: yeah I'm actually a good at simulator before and I feel sick and probably but that I was just doing it and I sat in my normal clothes and got to sit in a racing seat and have a do run over Gear when you have to do it at home

00:04:21: equipment do you have to kind of yous when you're in see you later as well so different teams will take different approaches to it I think that nowadays

00:04:28: pretty common first just to go in shorts and t-shirt because it gets really warm.

00:04:33: Do sweater knitted I know there is no air anything there's a fan but still you don't want to be in it equipment sitting there and boiling and DC having to jump out of

00:04:43: now and then so that we can just stay inside and do the work did you need.

00:04:48: But you still wear a helmet January racing gloves so sorts of things so you will wear gloves you will wear helmet racing shoes

00:04:55: just to keep those points which are overseen contact with the car.

00:04:59: The most realistic now we're going to talk about F1 simulators a lot in this but any Drive already it seems very difficult to go to practice motorsport in terms of in real life even if we're talking it so.

00:05:12: How crucial it all is a simulator for starters in terms of giving you practiced

00:05:17: I think it is helpful especially if it's a track that you haven't driven on obviously by now I have the feeling that I drove the most track

00:05:24: definitely helped me along the way this year but I think overall is also just a good way of bring you back into the mood of

00:05:31: you're going to that racetrack having the right philosophy when you get there and not having to lie

00:05:36: search too much in a pee in a few one because obviously everyone is quite crucial as well it's in 1-hour to get everything in it and then we only have 2 hours left it gets really quickly and you have to have my non point as soon as poss

00:05:49: and obviously you've done for your junior career and been massively successful to reach F1 but will simulators a big part of eugenia Creswell what level do you first ready start using simulators so we start using similar

00:06:03: really so premier had their own Sim which I was very lucky that I could use that and you know do your my.

00:06:09: Activations and say that I needed to they're getting other tracks and obviously as I progressed through the letter simulator was always a part of of it and I know with prima it was a fixed schedule when you had to be there and how much time to spend in the same definite.

00:06:23: Help the Lord in many ways and I still do it.

00:06:26: How different is a simulator for an F4 car compared to an F1 car can you use the same simulator and just program it differently or do you have to have specific simulator Street

00:06:36: no I mean in the engine could use

00:06:38: the one you have it home as a simulator but it's obviously it just depends on what you want from the same do you want something with your static do you feel more comfortable when it's Dad or do you want something which moves around and.

00:06:50: Yoga of queuing and stuff and that's just obviously driver preference and normally that the F1 seems all.

00:06:58: Have a big movement range that case can give you the right amount of days if you want maybe not the correct ones which would have on track but he was still have it.

00:07:07: This 1.5 22gz was maybe the one you no smaller one will just create half

00:07:12: AG I'm sorry it's really depending on the space available and the budget you have and did it feel like a training tool for you with them in your dinner career was it time you spent trying to

00:07:22: develop your skills as much as anything else well lucky and you could take it easy still have the chance to go on track and drive so it was mainly a preparation for the race weekend.

00:07:32: Just to see the track just two can I have an idea of the reference points more than really trying to do the first free practice

00:07:40: then went into Formula 2 testing became more reduced so yeah then there's somebody to be came over a tool that you had to use.

00:07:48: Prepare some of the things and could do some turn changes and then the NF1 obviously that took a whole new level yeah it's very little time for you to practice and

00:07:57: coming to the end of your rookie season in Formula 1 and you had 1 1/2 Days of testing before you can actually go to your first race so did you actually drive

00:08:05: F1 car in the simulator long before you actually drove the real thing not long before I mean I did the test in Bahrain 2019 with Ferrari.

00:08:14: And I did the simulator station before that I think that was my first simulator station in an F1 car any LBC then through 2019 I've done it here in there.

00:08:22: Privacy my Focus was mainly on from the two trying to win that and make sure that I did and I didn't have any confusion in the reference point so so so I really tried it just focus on there.

00:08:34: And then yeah once I moved up into into from one definitely things have become a bit more a day what days are spent in isn't

00:08:42: Mandy is there a similarity in the world of iron off to have an F1 simulator is used I guess it's a bit like R&D due test advancements in technology in specific areas like a simulation woods and before introducing it in the road

00:08:53: I mean every new product thoroughly before as well how the customers typically we use separate systems basically networks that are connected to the library auction systems and that's insured in the end

00:09:04: any live services for customers

00:09:06: the workflow has changed from doing things to Quedgeley to working with an agile model in agile a software project is divided into sprints which is

00:09:17: Chance the work and divided amongst the team to each student and an app

00:09:21: each spring is complete the results are then evaluated in the next planned before he even start the project you should define what we call a minimum viable product R&B

00:09:30: which is probably quite different from what MVP means in Formula 1 means the minimum working solution acceptable to roll out early customers who can then provide feedback for a fireman's on that simple.

00:09:43: Stringent quality assurance beforehand but after an MVP is ready for continues to improve the product from strangers Intel it

00:09:52: all the features required really to put it in Formula 1 terms it would kind of be like giving make a car with four wheels and steering wheel that can go and then constantly improving from there

00:10:01: probably not a strategy that the hearty would want to try out I don't know but it seems that you've just read my notes are mixes as a driver you wouldn't need to look at data from

00:10:14: because were trained and I'll feelings to get that feedback you mentioned it but important is it to make sure that the human Element is incorporated into data gathering and improvement well before

00:10:25: you need to understand which date is important and how old are used that's where we definitely need a human brain.

00:10:32: When you collect data you always need to decide what you need it for and that's

00:10:36: a machine to make even if make doesn't need data for driving his engineers and going to need it to make improvements to the car and to breathe Mick later before the next race for this the computer engineer is to align closely with the picture

00:10:50: it has to be done well in advance of the race because basically you know at racepoint they moved on to real-time data

00:10:55: human involvement in basic in the preparation phase of a data Gathering product is so important.

00:11:01: Basically if you make a mistake at that point and select the wrong dataset.

00:11:06: You may be Gathering that doesn't actually mean anything or go anywhere or improve anything which can put the entire product at risk you ever done you.

00:11:14: Almost retrospectively do you ever get to the end of the race weekend and thing I wish I could improve this part of my driving on that part of my driving and go to the simulator and try and do it I would rather do it on track

00:11:24: rather spend the time on try can do it there the simulator obviously is not 100-percent.

00:11:30: Accrington times and you just want to have the real feeling in you know if you had a feeling like I did this wrong and I want improve that I will not go back to this minute and try there just because.

00:11:40: It will not give the Simpsons stations and they will have a different limitations so then what are the main things you do use it for mainly for me personally I used to go and drive the track there will be racing.

00:11:52: Just say that I have an idea of how it's going to look where are the reference points what is the gears some drivers visually some other drivers Dubai feeling and I'm more feeling wear

00:12:03: ok Dan Chester for that kind of three times and then I'll do it as a rhythm and keep doing that and to get rid of my do enjoy going to the simulator to have that already it's a programmed before actually drive out the first time and you mentioned the simulate

00:12:16: drivers as well specific one so is their role very different to yours whenever simulator I guess for them it's really just about being consistent as if they.

00:12:25: You know we always trying to dab two points and try and change a driving sound maybe also cheat sometimes there ways of cheating in the simulator has become faster and basically them is just to drive as realistic as possible.

00:12:38: Being consistent and have very good feedback and yeah maybe that's similar to what we doing.

00:12:45: On the other hand were completely different because I think four driver you wouldn't need to look at data to improve

00:12:51: just because we're quite trained on listening to our feelings because obviously otherwise we would be able to give the right feedback and so it's just something that you learn from go-karting

00:12:59: simulator drivers over see also the Dad as the moving to similar to driving in becoming that you as a profession that say they will have to readapt to that and

00:13:09: no they'll do something else and what are the teen themselves then using a simulated for I guess when it says simulator driver in there what they trying to ask them to do when trying to find out it's difficult for me to answer exactly but I mean no it's just about you trying to.

00:13:23: Again prepare P1 if you haven't driven Etihad or fairing a race till.

00:13:28: Was like before the race actually started they will do a full race run or the night before they will drive the whole night through to try and just similarly what would happen over simulator.

00:13:38: Are becoming better and better and I think we're at the point where they are coming really realistic and I think that if we're that point then they can really

00:13:47: predict Amazon happen in terms of tire life and times of aerodynamics what they should do obviously they have the wind conditions which are preset and you can change them as you want loads of things that they can do in.

00:13:59: In the future more points come to.

00:14:02: List of is it used as well to try make sure the car setup is right for the start of a practice session and a race weekend or to the team seemed to you

00:14:10: historical data and the last time there were a track for that more of everything really this year we found a trend of a setup there we really light and really enjoyed.

00:14:19: Keep on using like obviously

00:14:21: find union for for each Traxxas obviously every track is with different needs different tools really and I won't put let Turkish set up onto my other dab.

00:14:31: In our car so it's really bad just trying to find the right measures in the right compromise is really

00:14:37: and I am I'm sure that you're connected with the take that we had last year that was just from the rights

00:14:43: well as mixers sometimes simulator drivers working through the night to support the race team and how crucial does that make it iron offer round-the-clock support two hearts mean even on non race days and then in the same operating different time zones rates

00:14:57: headquarters in the US and factories in the UK and Italy

00:14:59: and then during the season obviously the operation grocer include even more countries and continents where you know you had in races an Asian Australia

00:15:07: with this kind of globalsetup it's crucial that all systems run smoothly and any given time.

00:15:13: Even just in one location as you said engineers might be working on a problem later tonight there might be computer data Gathering systems that are running around

00:15:21: how old is in the kind of thing that you can turn off at the end of the day but without creating angry customers but in all seriousness the 24/7 operation is just

00:15:29: basic standard for any Cloud service dentist work that you need to have technical expert

00:15:33: on hand we couldn't checkups that can fix the problem quickly but beyond that you are sending service consultants that can help customers with kind of non technical queries so basically the cloud never sleep

00:15:44: so how is it to call on historical data so they can be used alongside new generated information like when simulator session is taking place

00:15:52: 14 wants to call up some datastore to my race a year ago will pay for the next event how quickly can do that I mean you can access to records

00:16:01: in a matter of seconds cloud is incredibly fast so as long as you have a somewhat stable internet connection you will get any data right when you request it and from where by really the local airnet speed

00:16:12: meaning Factor to your other question about the human Factor when you design a new system it's important to try to predict which it you might need

00:16:20: and it would point to help design your databases in the best way for retrieval if you're talking about really x onto the daylight speaking and fractions of a second

00:16:28: you can also distribute data into different availability zones so that wherever you are you can just access the closest data center which will minimise latency I know you're competitive guy I know you've just been.

00:16:40: Even today on the day off but how did you get in a simulator you said about cheating do you have a look at other simulator drivers times and I can't beat that.

00:16:49: And there's always the reference time

00:16:51: they'll tell you and then I will see you want to be the reference afterwards so yeah I think that's one of the things which I may be wrong but I will do them constantly is try and be that I'm doing in any way possible really if it's I'll do it because it's still driven on

00:17:06: when is just used in a in a way which might not be real.

00:17:10: Is that advert maybe next to the simulator that you don't have that competitive Edge and does it need it because it sounds like it could be quite a trick until otherwise I think is just definitely something where as a racing dad's fun too

00:17:24: it is the right thing to do that's another question but I think that overall is just you want to have fun with what you doing wheel of racing.

00:17:31: And so I think if she finds the fun and Aiden and you can do it and it helps you for the first day of driving again I think it's very no 10:30 to use the Ferrari simulator I believe in Maranello so you have to try

00:17:43: sometimes Go news that one do you think it would help to have 12-in tablet own simulator or is it just important to have the access yeah is it used regularly that you need.

00:17:53: Available 24/7 or not.

00:17:55: Writing that enhances a bit of a special case as we have Maranello based people in we have Banbury based people so yeah I think you know whenever I go to drag this immolating Ferrari

00:18:06: I'll normally go and visit everybody at us there just also see the progress and see what next year's cars doing and Development so yeah I think

00:18:14: Night case it's a special one it's kind of like Homebase a dear I would say that it's good to have a simulator and that each team has their own just because.

00:18:23: Then you'll be able to do the work in a Prior and obviously reserve driver will get to do some driving in at 2 and nothing is just over.

00:18:31: The training for everybody this is on the behind-the-scenes stuff that fans and get to see like when they watch you start a race they think all you've done is our yes it's three day weekend that will be driving to do so how often do you go and uses simulator or things that kind of related to

00:18:44: your prep free trade weekend depends on the schedule that if we have a triple header which is overseas I will not try and fly back and forward to the whole time but I will try and do before the first.

00:18:55: Racing triple header and two three tracks on one day and basically just have an idea of what the philosophy will be.

00:19:02: Is anyways I feel personally that even if I did the same age I will still have to relearn the tree

00:19:08: anyway see you when I go out there with the track that is dirty in into the best of time anyway she's just about trying to find your way through.

00:19:16: Might just be those 10 laps earlier in the day finding your comfortable spot on track that was really helpful and is it something you enjoy doing is it fun or is it a bit of a

00:19:26: United it always adds travels to you know anything that anyways travel so much of the year that is nice sometimes to be home but I also see the

00:19:35: professional and helpful aspect of it so I definitely take it into town and therefore I'm happy to do

00:19:41: is that the worst part about the simulation over that you have to travel to get one would it be easier to have it at home it will be definitely it was like a walk or something but I think that again it's just at all

00:19:53: will help me progress and help me

00:19:56: in Upper Foreman and Neville I'll take it with the open arms it I'm in the club makes it so much more efficient to work remotely and have access to things could it be that eventually and my humour me here but Siri.

00:20:09: Driver could be running in a simulator at home with engineers in different locations rather than all on one site it might be a long way away but is that really.

00:20:17: Yeah that's interesting that although I'm not sure Mike would be happy about that but technically yeah I would say absolute.

00:20:23: I mean think of things like military drones which can be operated by pilots from really remote locations oh yeah it's definitely something that is

00:20:31: I think during this pandemic we've learnt what's possible in terms of remote working it was a great story recently about how BT Sport move their whole German Bundesliga reporting to home offices during the first lockdown in 2020 technical the commentators sound engineers everyone.

00:20:46: They are all created the shows from their own living rooms basically and Anna Statham you only needed the cameras and maybe like a field reporter and that's all just to ba14 at.

00:20:55: So you can easily adapt to virtual races working with the simulator I'm not sure that it's not already been done somewhere but yeah it's definitely not as exciting for the fans

00:21:05: I was just thinking it would save little bit of travel when he needs to go to simulator and I like that but I think you're right there but there's

00:21:15: constant feedback to improve the simulator at the moment is that the same with honours customers and cloud offering do you always

00:21:22: sweet products based on what your users are saying to absolutely technology so we have a team of experts

00:21:30: always developing new products to say head of the latest technologies and trends and were working to improve our existing ones and I honest card Is Never Enough the shop solution we start with a pretty versatile construction platform in then.

00:21:44: We were

00:21:45: really closely with our customers to build the best way to run their individual instances so you know we know every customer has different requirements and different business ankle

00:21:54: if we get to a point where we can't meet customers requirements then it gets quite interesting because that's where we start to investigate ways to tweak or improve our systems to achieve that desired angle take us.

00:22:07: We didn't have experience working with customers in the racing industry before

00:22:11: so we spent a lot of time with the team understand the requirements and use cases to develop card solutions for their own specific needs and the bonus is that as we work closely with customers on bespoke.

00:22:23: Very often completely new features and functionality is in products that are boring that we can roll out to all our customers.

00:22:30: And then everyone when's you mentioned that you was a driver notice the differences you can feel them

00:22:37: real car and simulator how important is it that it's as close to realistic as possible or can you actually still get what you

00:22:45: even if it's not as long as you know what limitations are I think right now is you know you didn't know which are the differences.

00:22:52: So you will account for them when you go back to the real track but obviously the best would be whose 100-percent the same and you would get the same feeling.

00:23:00: And it would feel really sick so that to the point where you would also get adrenaline and all those things that can really simulator

00:23:08: does that mean it's physically if it's still you still not one and half 2 g so do you still get out of the simulation of then and you.

00:23:15: I think is more mentally that you're tired just because you have to try and focus on match and other see if you looking it's cremated all time and was when you're outside you have a bit of wind different sensations and yeah you'll be looking around

00:23:29: was in a simulator you basically just look forward to a halt

00:23:32: what maybe then the biggest invitation to the simulator what can't the best simulator do what country creates iron compare

00:23:45: for me it's about any everything in need on track and get everything ready for there.

00:23:53: Again if that's the best simulator but I still get it something out of it then that's going to help me on the race tracks.

00:23:59: Yeah we'll see how the real deal is done in a simulator world but I think for now I'm doing it's pretty good one of those you mentioned earlier.

00:24:06: Inconsistent and doing what you would do on track how hard is that to do if you don't have a guess the danger fact they're all the damage Factor do you find yourself.

00:24:15: Taking more risks pushing harder and simulator than you actually would in the real car definitely do maybe sometime because you don't have.

00:24:23: The only Sensation that you really get is Visual I mean that.

00:24:28: Emojis did you get from turning around as it's sometimes not riders maybe not the right spot that it should come into yeah you try and

00:24:36: AC blend everything out and just look and listen to them take the red details out of there you know if you have a driver like myself who drives a lot with body sensations in the simulator

00:24:46: usable become a difficult so I've actually been away.

00:24:49: A driver's been quite slow and it's in later for some reason I don't know why but it's always been the case but then suddenly when I go to the real track I was right there

00:24:59: had a bit in front so yeah I didn't take too much out of it in terms of Speed but I definitely take it.

00:25:05: Of it in terms of preparation you start looking at your that time in the simulation go right I'm going to be a second quicker in the real car sorted

00:25:12: yeah but unfortunately the last time sometimes is fully off so you can not like sometimes I'm a second faster.

00:25:18: What second slower in the simulator then I'm on the real tracking does just because sometimes the grip levels not the right one sometimes of winds are not the right one so it just depends on what you will find on the day of the race track.

00:25:31: Things can change very quickly when we talk about using the simulator how much of it might replicate actual race conditions do you ever have other cars and digital versions of you that line up alongside another that if you.

00:25:45: The one that I'm driving currently we don't do that just because it's really trying to prepare qualifying because then the time he did to racing or the race itself you've driven so much on that race track.

00:25:56: You don't need to do that you know and then obviously we've all been racing for quite a while and have a think knowledge and are overtake when you get finished with any of the you do it

00:26:06: the thing give you homework do you get sent to look through data to have learnt from it or are you lucky enough to be able to just walk out after Sunday and that b

00:26:15: kick-off were using we do is check that they sell that we have from the sim we can also put that on top of the real race track so if they would do a correlation we would come from

00:26:25: the Times taking guitar we would drive kitareign SIM and then compared to the real track and see

00:26:31: how the simulator performs and then try and change it for next year and so that's the homework that we do.

00:26:37: Lucky I have to bring anything home that would feel too much again this is a lot of work that you do already so don't need any more like you say travelling all the time you can have some time off but when there's maybe something more technical aspects

00:26:51: the white sorry we spoke to Gary Gannon earlier in this series about the steering wheel and he took them.

00:26:56: Everything is on a Formula 1 steering wheel and there's a lot of stuff that you guys to have to learn so do you use the simulator time to do things like that as well are you working your engineer on learning notes aspects of the car only this year

00:27:07: I've been driving Ferrari steering wheel so it's a bit different to ours some try not to get too connected to it out obviously want to stay.

00:27:16: As is possible on the one that we have so therefore actually have a steering wheel at home

00:27:21: and I can whenever I feel like it I take the steering wheel into my hand and feel in and see where the buttons are so that basically whenever I'm in the car I can do it blind all I can buy not even looking to it I know exactly where the lottery.

00:27:34: And we have to turn it to to basically reach the destination of the needs to reach a different steering wheel in the simulator so I guess you're still

00:27:43: driving a Formula One car virtual one and go different thing in your hand is it noticed.

00:27:48: Strange for you will it still stays the same steering wheel and Away it's just at the buttons are located with differently and they basically just need to analyse it and then you know where most the buttons

00:28:00: and most of the time we don't do many buttons changes in the simulator because anyways they can do but it'll no keyboard and I'll do it for you and a lot of this is talk about.

00:28:10: Much work goes into it have serious this is as a tool do you ever get to use it for a bit of fun do you ever get to choose what you want to do and just go out there and do something.

00:28:18: Actually have the one at home I have a smaller one which I race on for the pandemic actually is obviously worth spending a lot of time and.

00:28:27: Say I got to go play a few games on there and got to do some drifting which was funding just here enjoy driving a car for fun radiant without having any consequences of addressing the same

00:28:39: you don't try dressing the Formula 1 car in simulator.

00:28:46: Is welsummer downforce and you never know what's going to happen actually so.

00:28:50: I wouldn't recommend that anybody ever practice doughnuts I actually did my first pair of doughnuts.

00:28:56: Formula 1 car in the event in the inside a while your first ones did you practice those before hand or is it just when you get a new find it made it

00:29:05: it's not that difficult to be honest this is a lot of power and just a rear wheel drive so just turn the steering woman and go flat and.

00:29:13: Turn around 1 icing on a company up before will it's the future actually because someone's changing a lot into 2022 and simulator could be crucial to that but

00:29:22: do you ever try and put yourself in a difficult position in a simulator even on the racing games you try and put yourself in a state or a scenario that you think

00:29:31: can I help you to colour prepare for challenges in the future be that I guess if it's you doing it yourself at home starting from the back of a grade and.

00:29:39: What you wait for a field or starting with the damaged car so you've got the handicap do you do something like that intentionally obviously happened the time especially when I'm in the simulated home but usually when we are.

00:29:51: In in assimilating the proper one we just want to get done with the working and do everything that we need to to prepare the race weekend really

00:30:00: occur in the real if you went over a kerb to on something with the can't get damaged or I mean you can crash the simulator

00:30:06: to the point where the system shuts down or just falls through the track if you fine

00:30:12: the red spots all those things do happen and it's just programming really so you restart it and go.

00:30:19: I guess you don't look for the bit where you fall through the track if it's me I'm childish I'd be like that I need to try that I need to find the whole in this

00:30:30: and so you will be like at the other side of the map then you shouldn't be on but

00:30:36: try to avoid that as much as I can yeah I guess I was trying to do a job so they probably not encouraged to get but yeah definitely 20-22 can be very very

00:30:46: Formula 1 brand new rules brand new cars they sound like there going to be a different beast to hand

00:30:51: will it be a crucial tool for you and 20-22 because the regulations a different or is it important maybe not to convince yourself will be one-way based on a simulator before you drive the Real Thing both ways could be good so we have

00:31:04: turbo much just yet because obviously we don't have a scimitar for sabre we have to try and use the one from Ferrari so we'll find out what we can do with a lot of this will all of this has been talking about simulators but I finish with the real car because I.

00:31:18: There's a big difference in terms of your enjoyment to just have fun is it driving a Formula 1 car for real amazing so much downforce available on the other and you can lose as well very quickly so the example will have.

00:31:31: No downforce at times and it's very different to drive and enjoyment to say I'm in specially going with high downforce around some tracks like going to the Brazil poison

00:31:42: I really really enjoyed it and you have it out with you have a reset button like you get to the end of the qualifying that can be like I just do that corner again if I could have one more go

00:31:50: a times but then again in Old part of learning and I think that if I wouldn't do those mistakes.

00:31:55: Maybe I will do them when fighting for the championship then obviously will hurt much more enjoying the right now where maybe there's not as much as it's take

00:32:04: then just maybe you know being somewhere out of the points and just find it in your cookies

00:32:10: it's just finished and it's been very impressive from the outside have you enjoyed it for the inside it's just.

00:32:19: Different feel to it compared to in a formal to form the three it is really fun

00:32:24: and you get to work with some great people be good to work with a lot of great minds and just learnt so much New Zealand so much more about yourself

00:32:33: on how to handle things on how to preserve energy and when to use energy and I think there's something that I've been trying

00:32:39: figure out a lot this year in and something that's for sure it's going to be a lot easier next year but yeah I do like going to work in the morning and I love leaving late I'm having a lot of fun

00:32:49: and what you hope to the 20-22 and and getting new car new regulations and years experience under your belt close to the consistent

00:32:58: Debbie great if we consistently in the point so be awesome and obviously if you get the chance to be in there around the top five that would be Megan if we got the podium that the out of this world so I think there is

00:33:10: lots of things are looking forward to and lots of targets are we trying to reach.

00:33:14: Work out which expression UK used for if you win if you win the championship getting bigger each day

00:33:22: I just said but I know we will see what we did again alright say hi if it the end found that extra little bit that maybe some other teams have

00:33:30: yeah there is no reason for us to maybe not think about him winning but right now I think should start a bit lower and just take it off the first race in and see where we are really excited to see how 20-22 goes you and the team so thank you very much

00:33:45: thanks for listening see you on next pitstop in 2-weeks Drive digital.

00:33:55: What do you buy iron Horse first class cloud in ICT infrastructure production.

00:34:02: Presenters on Mandy Carter and Chris medland.

00:34:06: Music and Sound design by Rafa

00:34:13: Music.

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