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The Pit wall is one of the most important places for an F1 team. From strategy, communication with the driver, assessing data, and coordinating the car exit during qualifying, everything is handled at the Pit stand. Ayao Komatsu, Chief Race Engineer of the Haas F1 team, gives us great insights into the duties of the Pit wall team, and shares some unusual experiences.


  1. The role of a F1 Pit wall

  2. Jobs on the Pit wall

  3. Data processing

  4. Communication within the team

🏎️ #drivedigitalsuccess Take a technical glimpse behind the scenes of modern F1 racing to understand how technology is accelerating motorsport! How is racing connected to cloud? What technology drives a modern race car? How can sustainability and racing go together? We talk with experts from the Haas F1 team as well as industry experts to answer questions you don’t even know you have yet.


🎙️Guest: Ayao Komatsu - Chief Race Engineer (Haas F1)

🎙️Host: Chris Medland — Formula One Expert and Presenter

🎙️Host: Mandy Carter — Cloud Expert & Head of Marketing Ionos UK


00:00 | Introduction

00:09 | What does a Pit wall look like?

02:36 | The different roles and jobs on the pit wall

06:36 | Interaction with the driver

07:59 | Why is the Pit stand on the Pit wall?


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Show transcript

00:00:00: Welcome to drive digital 6s.

00:00:08: You're behind the scenes podcast about Formula 1 and the technology presented by Chris Maitland and Mandy Carter.

00:00:19: Music.

00:00:26: So my name is I'll come and I work for has a fan.

00:00:30: Maya lorries director of Engineering I tried to explain to you what if I'm people does thank you very much so can you paint a picture for someone who's never seen one maybe never heard of all the one when we say,

00:00:41: pit bull what exactly are we looking at what we think if you were looking at picture that right now what would you explain it looks like to see,

00:00:48: yes so we have about 6 guy sitting on the Pitbull it's essentially just a stand with any computer monitors.

00:00:56: Visa see done it on some people don't have said actually sometimes they just stand and they of course the other intercompany so

00:01:02: not just the radio Uno to Dr Joseph radio to talk to make any pizza radio but the docks other engineers we have designed a system

00:01:11: so it's much clearer and a small secure who creates this is it 18

00:01:17: is it going to be bad circuit what exactly so there was a TV fees or onboard fees that's always surprised by a from and insert GPS of course GPS holder on the car Everybody Have It

00:01:30: actress Sophie as done by the external company which many teams use for so we just buy them you know for every year

00:01:37: then it's all the time information was the GPS information

00:01:41: and data if I have been every single ear and then the companies are very good at responding to your request as well I don't know exactly how many teams use is it several times use the same software.

00:01:52: Yeah it's not advantage of having that's because I'm sorry but I just how we use you know how to interpret those data and then in town sometime mate that again it's a standard data format

00:02:04: in terms of a game how you know the channel how you then process that generates understand what the car is doing it's up to us so it's kind of like have supply.

00:02:13: I don't you take I made it to yourself and each Pitbull are they the same as in the physical structure or does each team build their own each team builder on structure It Goes Again that changes you got Amanda files depending on a team.

00:02:28: And those who sit on the beach road is different not the same across all the time.

00:02:33: So I think you seem so about the requirement specification and who does sit on the haasf1 Pitbull if you started at say ever and you want to manage

00:02:46: he sits on the mustard left-hand side of the Pitbull they have a good dash Diner I would be increased.

00:02:51: I sit next to winter down on my right hand side over 50 freezer strategist and the next device or there's a empty partition.

00:02:59: Turn the light never did krone looks after

00:03:04: logistics side of things but their mobilization and what is everyone doing on the paperwork I guess you will have different jobs and that's why you're up there so start his strategist so he looks after all the timing data not just by himself and he's got a guy's working for him feeding information to him so see me so cold

00:03:23: audios what other people's doing intense about strategy during the race is very important to him that I sit next to him because then it's easy to

00:03:31: even look at each other's computer jealous face even though you can do everything by let's say remote makes difference when you have to make a speech second decision just looking

00:03:41: each other's face understand if he's be concerned about his very confident then also I'm very good idea visit even talking to him but he's looking at so what I need to look at so he is a strategist

00:03:53: winterstein overseer overall picture and then of course when she asks questions I give him some details but he's ready.

00:04:01: Motorbike lifting pharmacy 4 steps back which is radius Rudolph sometimes when you're ready involved in some of the decision-making sometimes it's difficult to take a step.

00:04:11: Elgin Tesco very very good idea what's actually going on so sometimes it feels like either hasn't very cold onto this or he might be missing you.

00:04:20: Why is he saying and he just ask me questions that's a really good and he gets involved in a very at the light red.

00:04:27: You know some people get involved too much some people because I don't know what's going on but what's going on he doesn't get involved all the.

00:04:34: So that's very helpful and the Magna his the manager so he's a direct contact you out race control every single.

00:04:42: Let's see if he got off the drug and if you get penalised for chocolate etc and he's.

00:04:47: The first person to speak without race country for this country has got issues resource.

00:04:52: And then you got up Mark then Mike we don't let us know what's going on and in terms of frustration safety guard securities the long getting information from a race control and he calls for the pizza

00:05:04: so let's say visa strategist and myself we decided went to pay and then I come by that information to race engineers scientists and considering mechanics mechanics needs to come.

00:05:13: What do I need to do mark on to Alcester so it's very good for making it still single point of contact singer voice if you write no matter what happens in the race what's inari.

00:05:23: You always hear marks voice.

00:05:26: Oh that's very important in a depending on situation is different people talk to me junkers confusion the Mark has a fantastic job on that so that's marks.

00:05:35: And beat Klaus job he's there a bit more in the background these days but I know she's a Lady.

00:05:41: Herefordshire boss Mark and myself Anchor in the background in terms of doing anything helpful in a sleeping some of the food test for instance last weekend in the coming together is very kind and Mrs country

00:05:54: a cream video humble video so that we can assess the process instance so he's aware of everything that's going on and he's already

00:06:03: he's got some spare capacity during the race so it's very useful person to.

00:06:07: In terms of just giving us any other currencies we need on the spot and it sounds like you keep it very simple with the amount of people on the pitch

00:06:14: yes best base and Peter is it a dangerous place to be I done simply dangerous supposed to be I mean that spare space is actually Jean space.

00:06:23: And then your question answer team sorry to expect so that nobody takes the prices vary by it's not like.

00:06:29: Desperately needs a position as well you know if you're somebody desperately needed operation to be fair reduced by somebody.

00:06:36: If I said you can touch and we use that space I'm sure been don't say yes and no matter how many people you have of course you got to make instant decision

00:06:44: butternut is always Yorkshire pasty to consume the information of 10 people sending you all different information.

00:06:52: You don't make a decision right so it's the optimum number of the amount of information you can provide 2L you might need something but too much.

00:07:01: You can't process it anyway

00:07:03: so you got to have that right and a bit of information going to you so that you don't make her informed this China you know quick as possible time and what about the interaction with the driver is this the main point that speaks to the driver weather in the car,

00:07:17: main point of contact for driving down the cars racing.

00:07:21: And our race engineers are based in garage why because obviously apart from the race you know all the operation happens in the garage.

00:07:29: So if you're writing you know it's better to be stationed in the garage,

00:07:33: you don't seem very closely what's going on to the car you can talk to me I need quick Regent talk to the future monkey3 if there's any emergency happen.

00:07:41: So race engineers position in the garage Express.

00:07:44: And then under stairs anything that say the most naughty nobody nobody else understands us talk to the driver.

00:07:52: United mad Twitter people Dr driver can be confusing so yeah we just to try it again so I take it as simple as possible what are the out of the ordinary situations is it when you're telling a driver off is that when you need the people has happened before I think

00:08:06: incidents Samir segovia entertaining romantic.

00:08:11: That was unusual idea but no man was complaining about the guys I'm going to have enough and I just said just shut up and.

00:08:18: And then there more recently just to qualify me station where the guitar was a bit worried about certain things and his race engineer told him information.

00:08:27: Nikita came back we decided I just decided I just feel that Nikita and then you can't respond it straight away

00:08:32: the normally is just stop that race engineer and then you mentioned about who's in the garage then why is the pitbull on the Pitbull

00:08:39: in the garage that makes sense I think it's maybe the singer used to be obviously it was much simpler if you sit on the paper or you can actually see the picture

00:08:49: and then you can visually see what's going a bit then these days you got soul but video feed etc that the things sometimes you don't need to see it and also because now it was so many if you sit on the straight anyway

00:09:04: so I think it's more traditions in probably but also it helps in terms of a special in qualifying that's a everybody trying to do the same thing everybody try to get out at the same time

00:09:14: trying to get hold of someone but you want to be there

00:09:17: fast cars does industrial casting it's important to actually visually see if it's coming out of the garage is a software these days we know exactly when people's firing up.

00:09:28: You don't we used to try to listen to who fired up you know but these days on the software we got we can't exactly everyone's fired up so

00:09:36: yeah lots of things you can do from data are you chance a you don't need to be on the people but don't you look at the property

00:09:44: things in the garage personal space and then there's no Downside and sitting on the paper or if you like in that sense you can still see what's going on the pitstop you can be received in the pit stops now you have something goes wrong especially for market manager who controls the pitstop it's

00:09:58: which character she's live what's going on in the pit stop.

00:10:03: But then anything happens it's marks call daida stop the car or doing something different perfect thank you very much no problem.

00:10:14: See you on next pitstop in 2-weeks drive to still see.

00:10:20: What do you buy iron of first-class cloud in ICT infrastructure production by digital.

00:10:27: Presenters on Mandy Carter and Chris medley.

00:10:31: Music and Sound design by Rafa

00:10:38: Music.

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