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When watching a heated F1 race, it’s easy to forget how much strategy goes into every moment In this episode, we take a peek behind the curtain with Günther Steiner - team principal of the Uralkali Haas F1 racing team. Günther explains his everyday workflow, his team’s structure, the role the cloud and IONOS play for his team, and speculates on what the Formula 1 of the future may look like.


  1. What Günther’s work as team manager entails

  2. Günthers Learnings - how success comes from mistakes

  3. How cloud computing offers fundamental improvement for F1

  4. The future of F1 cars and racing

🏎️ #drivedigitalsuccess Take a technical glimpse behind the scenes of modern F1 racing to understand how technology is accelerating motorsport! How is racing connected to the cloud? What technology drives a modern race car? How can sustainability and racing go together? We talk with experts from the Haas F1 team, as well as industry experts, to answer questions you don’t even know you have yet.


🎙️Guest: Günther Steiner - Haas Formula One Team Manager

🎙️Host: Chris Medland — Formula One Expert and Presenter

🎙️Host: Mandy Carter — Cloud Expert & Head of Marketing, Ionos UK


00:00 – 05:11 Intro

05:11 – 09:34 Efficiency in racing

09:34 – 13:57 What does a typical day look like for Guenther?

13:57 – 18:26 Emotional moments

18:26 – 27:41 How is IONOS using cloud computing for racing?

27:41 – 33:15 How will F1 evolve from here?


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00:00:00: Welcome to drive digital 6s.

00:00:08: You're behind the scenes podcast about Formula 1 and the technology driving is presented by Chris medland and Mandy Carter Howard bionis.

00:00:18: First class cloud in it infrastructure.

00:00:26: I'm Chris medland a Formula 1 journalist and broadcaster will be here to guide you through this complex bought with help from F1 team and.

00:00:34: Head of marketing for ionic UK I'll be sharing our partnership with hospital.

00:00:40: In real terms.

00:00:48: Thank you very much for joining us I know you're very busy man because you have one of the most important jobs in Formula 1 but what is a team principal I mean if you just put them to someone honest.

00:00:58: What are you training.

00:00:59: Finish but no the first thing is you are like a company you might have the general manager SEO whatever you want to call Dad you're on their company which ghost racing you know so that is how to explain it in a few words

00:01:11: how did you get into racing what brought you into Motorsports and then up to the position of running a

00:01:17: what pop into motorsport this I always loved it I don't know where it came from my family but not in tomorrow.

00:01:23: Where I come from Davis very little is almost no motorsport is not allowed to remote tomorrow about skiing and the passion for racing car so don't know where it came from and I always took my phone

00:01:35: take me to some ways to some hill climb racer switch around here and there and how to take it to be a team principal for phone I don't know you know

00:01:44: I just ended up here you never stop now I I just started off as a mechanic when I was 20 years old and just always kept on working and kept on working in at some stage

00:01:54: how many people do work for you it's about to Humber for the smallest team but the smallest teams that compact a lot of stuff out.

00:02:03: Direct to company financial figures how much does it cost to run an F1.

00:02:09: Overseas a lot of money a lot of money you know it pains but now the figures are quite public there is a budget

00:02:16: Hamlet $45 a year plus some of the staff is outside and it's about 280 million to maximum you can spend

00:02:26: can you take out the very good table with the little bit more because that is outside the budget it's about 5 and 5200

00:02:32: for Juventus being edition where you now run a seem like you say where you started from the mechanic did it help to

00:02:38: progressed through and understand how an F1 team works all the different areas of it because they're so

00:02:44: I would say so in Inverness started it was more than 35 years ago now the old man now so just by Micah go the business school of motorsport.

00:02:56: You were in it but you moved on that you could learn by doing it that almost you know so I didn't get into an industry like it is now.

00:03:03: One motorsport starting a former started in volleyball darling.

00:03:07: It was very different of the times was everything for smart small on my simple that everything of more complex more money at the mall but I was always going with this so that will show how to get a good understanding

00:03:18: you learn by doing it I didn't have to go in there and then type that what I was doing actually go up then I think a lot of people with NF1 by motorsport in general they just Google just bought then ended up here and you mention the horses intensely on the smallest things on This Morning Steven Turner

00:03:34: different company but you can track comes out a lot stakeholders it stuff to keep on top of every

00:03:39: haven't see it's easy but what this it's relatively difficult to keep up with that you know when there is always challenges.

00:03:47: I'm surrounded by a lot of good people which are here since has established 7 years ago and they know how they're doing things that helps a lot because

00:03:55: people big things to say meant to understand what you want to do the feet intentionally do it a little bit different to call it F1 team because they know what you

00:04:05: sexy condom and a lot of people stay around with this philosophy because they like it because they're more involved with more things to do they not just specialised in one job they are doing a lot more than other things

00:04:16: accountability status match more than 15 people like to chat.

00:04:21: Who are the main people you do lean on no cos to run out on seeing you might have to trust some people with some pretty big job to go to people that will tell you things that happening in the team or could you information that you.

00:04:31: Is the normal positions to technical baby I've got to take.

00:04:35: Gracie genier human resources your financial people you're a liar a lot on that you know but if your money the dealer offered depressed.

00:04:42: Brilliant all we have to mention them in any other company have got to meet people with departments and what they need to know is how you want to do things so they know exactly when to come to you not because I give people a bit of freedom.

00:04:56: Understand what we want to achieve what we want to achieve

00:05:03: the owner of the DMG house once he understand his philosophy and I just bring the next every down so that is ok

00:05:11: and what is his philosophy on the teams philosophy that you have to make sure people

00:05:15: we need to work efficiently and he's a big Believer his company is build-up on the fishing sis don't just follow times because everybody does

00:05:23: try always to find a way to do things more efficient bring you in that it's going to mentioned efficiency but there's 200 people.

00:05:31: The sf-12 organisation to deal with

00:05:39: we probably only support handful of of those people and those are the technology.

00:05:43: So we're hoping that team.

00:05:53: The book of the engineering of the car and another things to ensure that they are winning races.

00:06:02: Lots of members of the team I'm going to want to tap into stuff that honest is involved in what the changes of dealing with that number of people in one company.

00:06:11: You're focused on a small number but the company itself has a bigger number that might want to to them feeling

00:06:16: you know the company but more about the complex the other needs right so we work with companies that may have a hugely complex technology technology

00:06:26: with companies with of employees so it's really not

00:06:30: about the size of an organisation but they and application for their technology benefits of scalability right so regardless of the size of an organisation and cloud skills to meet the needs of skills up and down.

00:06:45: It's never really about the size of the team it's just.

00:06:50: Let's all go complex clearly but the main goal for the Haas F1 team is to build two cars I can go racing over weekend so you told us about

00:06:58: 17 budget but the car itself must be extremely expensive you meant to be an efficient as well as using means getting more value for money

00:07:05: are the ways to do that might come to the car absolutely efficient doesn't mean to be cheap efficient means to use the money as best possible ways to do things a little bit different you know just focusing on it a little bit more than.

00:07:18: Decking be installed in all F1 teams with the budget cap you need to get the format.

00:07:22: You need to use the money best to get it performance less if you spend it on things which are not giving you a performance you obviously paid a consequence on the race

00:07:29: I think it is done more to be like a normal company that you always try to maximize revenue you maximize the money but your revenues that being money is performance on the way stuck at O2 tried to do is not always just to save money using asbestos

00:07:43: on the performance on the race track but that means building a new car every year to go racing with how much does it cost to create a formula.

00:07:52: Performance 270 by the way you know that is the only thing you get just something for me I want nothing else you know what you mean how much is the Formula One car

00:07:59: I wouldn't know on top of my but it's millions to create a Formula One car you need 2K darling to make the past so how do you count to tell you I took but it's millions of Dollars

00:08:09: there's more to the team than

00:08:11: it's creating machines that will do it and that some stuff just how much of your job then comes to position of making sure you have all the right departments and areas to be able to do this because their wide-ranging number

00:08:25: an expert I guess in building F1 car pictures on finance.

00:08:30: Absolutely I think you're good thing I know a little bit of everything and nothing really good you know so I actually can discuss with I would say everybody and no the detail I'm not micromanaging I don't want to do that I'll principal because I don't get the best out of the beetroot I always wanted them to

00:08:45: when they speak I understand plated what you're doing but that is because I didn't come in when I was 4020 years old I've seen

00:08:52: I've done most or after positions which you need in my phone to me in my career so I spend time with the people that I need to but I can actually see if something goes wrong I have a good feeling if there is something not going to go and then I get involved in obviously because that's my

00:09:07: but you something airport in back everything is fine and I don't see any of it black coming up I let them both because 34 people want special people with a small comp

00:09:17: if they want a job in a big company don't need to go to victim and don't want to do that they want their first

00:09:22: knowing that you're counting for something definitely stick up with something else wrong with something else like you know that is a lot of people looking for and I always try to

00:09:32: play mat for the people to walking you mention countability I imagine you probably know what that's like the most in the position of team principal.

00:09:39: What does a typical day look like for you away from the race track what sort of things are you having to deal with an work.

00:09:45: There's always issues somewhere in the company there's never got day but it's no issue but also have to develop the company having a vision and looking into where can we get better

00:09:56: always see that one that is my job windy and effective people around to the day today about 2 x.

00:10:02: Get me to check on my Fitbit doesn't take a lot of time if you're always in contact with this.

00:10:07: Where do I need to work to find the next thing to feed us a company which goes from Finding sponsors finding good that can kill people goes to.

00:10:15: Making sure that we have got the IP but there is so many things to do but it's nothing else than any other manager of the company just always look into the future try to make the right move I'm different when it comes to write weekend because that so much more structure

00:10:32: can I format what's your job like when you're at rest

00:10:34: absolutely devastated I was just meeting setup you need to deal with media I always want to be a not involved but be aware of what you're planning for the weekend diptesh program for the feedback to stations that qualifying which could

00:10:48: I always go to this briefings and dentist many deposed as possible time for meeting that also for me to be to pay for BT ask me question what is going on but it's not happening.

00:10:57: Can you put a bus that I know what's going on so if there is an issue coming up at least I'm away I don't need to go around then can you give me this information you know your.

00:11:06: You get questions a lot less them and you're not prepared because people

00:11:10: what's going on so there is no way to find an angle on that you have any Direction I know it's much more stacks of the dentist commitment on Thursday so when I come to the track on Thursday.

00:11:22: The day today right because it's first everybody else boxing office.

00:11:27: Activate weekend from Friday and I focus on the base weekend and just try to always be informed what you're doing and why things happen so at least I know if I need to present something and well we've got it Goin On.

00:11:42: How you divide up your time so many different aspects.

00:11:46: Is it ever structured enough you to think yeah I spend a quarter of my time thinking about car development of team development than 20% of my time thinking about personnel does your job change so often that you can.

00:11:57: You always deal with different things and you just need to pick them up as they come along they are doing so many different things and it should come up everywhere is it is so intense

00:12:05: you cannot say today I spend 20% of my time B the HR 20% finance and I spent 40% with the team because something comes

00:12:14: you just always tried to live now that everybody gets enough time so everybody can keep on working but I never want to do is holding people.

00:12:23: Which are working heart you know I type to make focusing sometimes need an answer from me so you always try to deal with death and the rest of the time just think for what I need to do to make it better for the future.

00:12:33: You meant to know that was the referee change your focus goes completely and we can from Friday what does the race weekend look like in terms of destruction of the teams.

00:12:41: 51 what's the workflow that.

00:12:45: What type of dissipating need you a lot more Gates engineering intermeccanica normally before every action there is a briefing what you're doing after a C-section and the same goes for qualifying

00:12:58: domains tax off at then obviously on Sunday I've got a strategy meeting strategies presented way he wants to random

00:13:05: so that is Christchurch with poteris media Inbetweeners well-to-do but it is quite intense and what would you say that is the most fun part of your job is it managing the drivers

00:13:14: conflict is a headache you know because you just did what they should be doing it up make any progress you just put them on now the most fun part of is when you go competitive photography.

00:13:28: Dentist by you work so hard there or Saturday when you qualify and 2 hours of Sunday menu of a that is why you're doing

00:13:34: this year if you're not in a good shape because they are very competitive but for me nothing back from life

00:13:40: when you're competitive and go out advice that makes you think that makes you do so many things in your head what could you be doing and then you say some stupid stuff as well it's emotional.

00:13:50: Set alarm for about that you know and that is why you work all the week long that you can go racing because that is what you do at the competitive aspect

00:13:57: emotional as well what's been the most emotional moment for you in.

00:14:01: There's quite a few venue Fighters the most of moments Media for good for scientists most the moment spent a good for psychosis away for something you know for mechanical or driver that's the most of moments like them at Jackson last year was so many most the moment I couldn't find one specific from the biggest one

00:14:21: you know they're all good because they already could in my career is there a best man no for you at the first race of the team having that

00:14:29: that is the thing I've never forget when you score points at our first race because there are so many people Becher gave us no chance to said you guys are just here you would be quicker done then you came in

00:14:38: there was a lot of ne sais not because I want to prove to Mum just to show you can do something even if people give you no credit on often I didn't care about the people setting just a little more care what people say you know their opinion yeah listen to it don't you know you can have your pin

00:14:52: it doesn't do anything to how I can ducks what I do and how we on the team you know I'm not in Friends by people's opinion because the only one which will be held responsible

00:15:01: will be me I can deal with that having that satisfaction to get points at first placement I don't know how many people thought you were a bunch of clowns be proved and the holding prove them wrong

00:15:10: this was not something not many people have done before and I'm not focusing on me b

00:15:16: I was just a little part of this one yeah I started off but I found the right people around me to get it done and that is what I was keeping mine I can just be as good as the people which work for the team are

00:15:26: me alone without them is nothing I just need to fit in there and make it people.

00:15:30: You mentioned earlier a quick racing car is the only way of measuring success successful performance is that true or there are other ways that you can measure the success of the job that you.

00:15:40: I could make sure the job but the only thing I want to message for my because that's my passion is writing you know I started this team up from nothing I look for the best I created it's ok for me.

00:15:51: Last year we've startling you know we didn't know before.

00:15:55: I think you could save your success that we kept him going I forget pretty quick about that because I focus on having success on the highest I can moment by the Australian on the face knowing

00:16:05: I told everybody last year that we will be starting for me to successfully come again when we fight for something and I will forget next year when we finish in the Pine

00:16:13: we didn't have a chance to go there by making more biting get better results you know that is what I should you always forget the last good thing because you want more.

00:16:22: Part of being able to improve damage sometimes learning from your mistakes have there been big mistakes you've made.

00:16:29: Think I might alter a low amount of mistakes and quick of your loan better you get you don't know it's not one big mistake this different know they're all little things that you never have to forget something I never be proud to say.

00:16:42: This was the wrong decision I need to do a different because then you'll get better and that is what I always 10p

00:16:47: if you do something wrong if it wasn't intentional he can happen I don't do it on twice and for sure please dance because it shows that you're not the smartest guys

00:16:56: because I do things wrong I do a lot of things wrong but be fixed and immediately are there any specific ones you can think of where the teams probably improved as a result of.

00:17:05: You've made a team

00:17:06: I don't remember them because my members of the best so many he could be sitting there for hours to tell them it's all the little stuff as well I don't want to go into spawn specific form it's just in general I keep it always something on let's get it

00:17:23: Mandy is that enough tube that you see across other businesses is it important to be reflected from the very top of the company to learn from mistakes

00:17:32: turn around these days and you know everything because each failure is an opportunity to learn and.

00:17:41: To fix things and to improve right not to my soul.

00:17:44: Basically feeling fast you get to make things better and just off to perform.

00:17:52: Do product or service you know whatever.

00:17:55: Is that something that I asked can do as a partner of lots of different companies does that allow you to learn quickly to I mean you're absolutely the cloud is that.

00:18:03: It is scalable flexible changing.

00:18:06: So you still up you fail you scale down you know your applications and things that you put on top of your car infrastructure there

00:18:13: how do you measure in Catford data and you know all those things can help a team or a company or a person you know it's faster and then again change your performance change their behaviour

00:18:24: talk about it's a company that other things specialised in computer how do you collect data and you

00:18:34: learn and improve Formula 1.

00:18:41: Sophisticated both and Spencer facilitated technology so what is the drive of the windy at old is some data you know what is hold up every MS Office time you from data so they look at that

00:18:52: take me to you after so many sensors on the car that you see everything what happens in the car so data is the most important thing to make the car into drive off and get better because from the data if you're clever we can all next

00:19:05: if you need to integrate a smile and say you need good date available to do that job and when are you using at data because it's easier just to talk about it and say I will collect it and learn from it

00:19:15: instantly are you looking at it and straight away talking to the driver or learning things or are you also doing it away for a racetrack and reviewing things much longer activate.

00:19:25: Vitamin DS got one guy with the data I've just taken example the lines of the drivers compared to drive us to breaking point so let's not think it's the feedback immediately that's all and data because he sits on GPS.

00:19:39: Immediately to the driver face the data of the strategy gets changed constantly with the changing of David if somebody changes tyres first attire Kate Moss.

00:19:49: But then you've got all the date that we coldest investor-state that which is looking after the health of the car engine data coding data down for state

00:19:57: like I'm down for state that you like cash on black one you damage your floor

00:20:05: you know exactly but he changes to die us you need to just it'll balance because you lost some of something so used to date

00:20:11: but then also when the people go back to the factory they look at all the data to see if he can learn something if the balance could have been made better if you were out of balance mechanical balance and then use the same data to the UK

00:20:24: because you've got all this what you develop in the window and it needs to match 14th of a stack is no point if I tablet be prefer a lot of downforce as soon as the downforce goes away that doesn't help

00:20:35: the downfall

00:20:37: need to make a call I need to do on your weed stop data as you can hear it everywhere one of the things that usually is good for the formula one point of use the wave calendar works as you return to similar venues every year when you get to make you learn from what.

00:20:49: Can you have a think of a time when you had a breakthrough from analysing data back at the factory we've been at the track that's then helps you instantly

00:20:57: I don't think today son instant improvement is just accumulating data over here she just like everything what you do more than once you get experience and you get better than you try to get more and more they are you getting there better prepare

00:21:08: you know from the year before what date so the engineers can you set data to prepare for example to set up for everyone

00:21:15: and hopefully get them up a better use today that to put into the Simulator when your on the simulator the 5th there is already in a better place setup

00:21:24: then it will be on you go out and everyone knowing for me

00:21:27: I know this year you have developed the car but previous years you have developed the car during the season and added upgrades and Performance.

00:21:35: How does the date you gather help Direct the cardamom.

00:21:39: The biggest example is down forstater 32 half-day then again we had 19/2019 very difficult at updates in the winter they show to be very good.

00:21:48: The driver didn't see an improvement by the window and show off your boob and thank you use your data it is not easy I can imagine if you wouldn't have today

00:21:57: you would never find out what is wrong you just found out that they just it just isn't better you he doesn't come a smoke for example in the winter and in the winter and you have no side went to cast the actor day for the next you include what you want and don't make these mistakes again

00:22:13: Gathering on that data in a make it available on the cloud I guess everybody within the team helps you work more remotely and different bases factories headquarters spread out across the world how important lean on the Cloud in your day today now.

00:22:27: And be able to stay connected the different aspects that you can if that is convenient because it's always there.

00:22:35: Also financial advice it's better to have it there because you used the data that you need that you don't need to provide you said shouldn't calculations in your building or one of the buildings.

00:22:45: Make the best 90-day first stop shop used to Cloud when and when you need it you're free to use your storage you leave it there if somebody wants to do something with the date

00:22:54: immediate access ntpd to do some more calculating time of stuff like this you don't need to have it always 100% because sometimes engineer we are running in the winter and they're doing my calculations you're doing I started if all those together our infrastructure

00:23:08: which sometimes use only 10% with the cloud to use it when you need

00:23:12: you just pay as you go cold like this you're not the best you only use maybe 10 days a year

00:23:19: I'm at the house I'm a set up to help an F1 team be able to access so much data both immediately after Gathering it and in real-time bottle so much.

00:23:28: It's really exciting to see a company that put into use real-time data to inform they're strategy and really help improve performance with immediate effect.

00:23:38: And lack of a better word it's just really cool it's great.

00:23:44: The cloud counsellor vast lakes of data and then you can deploy apps on top of that can help.

00:23:50: No an end user to Callum in analysing the data that then collected.

00:23:55: They can take that data and understand where they're having peaks and troughs in and what's working and what's not for the team.

00:24:03: So it allows them to immediately identify what's working and make small tweaks really quickly and then on top of that you got a I am machine learning and always will.

00:24:13: Call industry but I do not really just they're truly valuable and our technology to lead the way.

00:24:20: In every race are thousands and thousands of data points collected on a single in a car so there's no human.

00:24:28: Changes that would that would have quick technologies really leading the way there and quick improve.

00:24:38: The other thing that's great about cloud is that you know in a new location 2-weeks there.

00:24:47: The data needs to not only be available quickly anywhere anytime any device so whether that's race track side or when a dad's now in the UK factory anybody to work.

00:25:01: That's the last thing about kind of overtime and the future.

00:25:09: The data points per race grows right so that is constantly growing and cloud enables because I'll be heading for scalability and just the nature of the way at work.

00:25:19: No overtime you can grow that and collect it and have it stored there for instant access and also multiple businesses are on the demands when F1 team

00:25:29: unique content to someone made request they have you guys in the Cloud in technology.

00:25:34: Every customer is unique because everybody has different angles and their technical requirements and goals so that's why I say.

00:25:43: We have technical experts at work kind of on a one-to-one with your customers to identify.

00:25:48: I'm not only the right so what's your.

00:25:53: And we help to kind of configure Arms bespoke solutions for each other customers one of the things that our customers love is that individual.

00:26:03: One of the I guess one thing in common these days at most.

00:26:12: But you know most companies have multiple geographical locations.

00:26:17: It's not had aspirations to go right everybody wants to be a big global company these days so I need business can benefit from kind of that anywhere anytime.

00:26:26: Availability that cloud.

00:26:29: Spotify play Honest become more important in modern day Formula 1 in terms of accessing data like that is that something that you kind of adapted the team to because you do have multiple different bases in different countries that you have.

00:26:41: Did you see the potential of being able to actually have satellite areas that you work with rather than having to

00:26:47: non-specific for that buddy Cloud technology was developed and he started 2 years ago trying to find back over to Cloud technology because it was just more efficient way for us to be started off 7.

00:26:58: Make you then found not be possible and me just used as we go in a phone you've got a very big computer to do your safety computerised telenomics you need to change his computer every 5-years millions to buy

00:27:11: Radio 4 to the cloud but we cannot do that but my aim is still that some States we get to the perfect example how we can be more

00:27:22: that sounds like a lot to your job then as well it's not only thinking about building a fast race car now it's planning for the future.

00:27:28: That is what you do as CEO general manager you look at the future and activation forgot how to make it better and that's part of a performance and overall business is the revenue you just try to find efficient way to invest your money

00:27:42: how do you think the future looks for F1 how do you take it will develop and evolve over the next ten fifteen twenty years.

00:27:49: I think there was a steady go but now it's one of the stores which is going but it's not many sport the demographics are getting a lot of people interested in it's good entertainment I think I think it's just about a good future

00:28:01: do you think become more sustainable as a sport biofuels have been developed so using these F1 cars how else can reduce it's environmental impact because that's something that's a big Focus at the moment and impact

00:28:13: yeah it's just inability I think it's only a big issue for F1

00:28:18: we need to think what you're doing it everybody needs to start with himself to make things better you just said you shouldn't be using plastic bottles.

00:28:29: If one is broken my heart is a big drive to make it more sustainable but it's not only the cars cars is just what we see.

00:28:36: You know by a few David be developed I think everyone can help to drive it because we always iphone.to technology obviously it will take some time to get to be a little bit patient but you never need to

00:28:47: start with yourself Stafford what you're doing what's your company's doing to try to make it

00:28:51: if I'm on fire away and it's a good thing and we Force your keep on pushing on whatever with you as well as 82

00:28:58: better in that way because we need to yeah that's one way to make up with the paddock as well the male-dominated place at the moment

00:29:06: changing of the next 10 years.

00:29:08: Just now there is a big game on female spectators stepfield drive to girls want to get into engineering which the good thing and then some of them want to work in the phone but he can.

00:29:19: Set me a little bit but it will change it and everything is changing in the world anyway and I think that was never anything

00:29:26: you needed to be amazed to contract for know there was always females as well in a phone females be more interesting F1 that will have to have more females in.

00:29:35: We have never seen a driving a long time no not be good to have them do you see that happening anytime

00:29:39: I think it would be fantastic for a long time we didn't have it we can support a bit didn't need to be the drive coming as well from the famous I want to be an iPhone driver jobs got go and do it you know it is possible I don't think that they couldn't be protecting soon maybe more than

00:29:54: you're always sell there should be a female

00:29:56: it needs time to go this because you need to start Young to do this and we cannot expect somebody going into 1 competing with a boy b

00:30:06: go karting a 4 years old I think physically there is no issue.

00:30:09: It's not just about females into the sport with seem recently there's been a lot focus on the fact is not enough diversity

00:30:16: background as well done from one point of view to try and open up opportunities and transporting is that for you as a team boss because the white of the talent pool that you can pick from the.

00:30:27: We need to support minorities I think there is never a discrimination against minorities I cannot see that in the bardo coming in if the talent is there I don't think anybody at very.com.

00:30:40: A lot the added interest to be seen recently has come from one particular place or people seem to think it

00:30:46: I know it's your favourite topic the Netflix drive to survive series has made a bit of cock

00:30:51: it's not my favourite topic I have not seen a lot of people watched it and found it interesting but it is things to the people which it too serious you know into people with forecast this investment division

00:31:03: and it works out to be good for them because they had commercial success a lot of people

00:31:09: if one of the other side head division with high-performing general this ratio may be 10 years ago wouldn't have gone anywhere Sean rafter certification and people tattoo

00:31:18: the first day of some of the team didn't but this is because they couldn't see that is good Indian food for iPhone in general for me so I said you cut the Kyoto I don't think of anything bad but the thing is changed people that can

00:31:30: otherwise I didn't change I don't want to change I've no intention to change I do but I like to do and fortunate enough to work with people back to work we're not all of them obviously and if I don't watch it so I don't change because if I lose myself maybe.

00:31:44: A low amount of mistakes if I wash myself I'm sure I see a lot of me so if I cannot fix them then maybe stop me anymore

00:31:51: and I get camera shy I just think in general form it was a good thing for me birthday not a lot changed would you say then other people watching that get to see the real gun

00:31:59: I would think that people would know which work with me I think they see that I don't change for the camera and I don't do anything special it's a present since I did so much work for them when I didn't do any work I mean I just do my job if they film that make a good story out of a good for them they did a good job now.

00:32:16: Now thanks time as well plenty more people know more about you and the job you do maybe Netflix all of it and turned a bit today as well so good thank you very much.

00:32:26: Thank you very much thank you.

00:32:36: What do you buy iron of first class cloud in it infrastructure production by digital.

00:32:43: Presenters on Mandy Carter and Chris medland.

00:32:47: Music and Sound design by Rafa music.com if You Like This podcast recommended.

00:32:54: Music.

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